Gene-environment interaction in Alzheimer's disease: a potential role for cholesterol.


Alzheimer's disease is probably a complex disease caused by an interaction of multiple environmental and genetic factors. Genetic defects include 'causative' genes which are rare and a 'susceptibility' gene (sigma4 allele of apolipoprotein E) which is more common in cases. Recent research suggests that environmental factors may interact with a genetic predisposition to modify the risk of Alzheimer's disease. An interaction between serum cholesterol levels and sigma4 genotype is proposed. The evidence for this gene-environment interaction is discussed.


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@article{Chandra1998GeneenvironmentII, title={Gene-environment interaction in Alzheimer's disease: a potential role for cholesterol.}, author={Vipan Chandra and Rijuta Pandav}, journal={Neuroepidemiology}, year={1998}, volume={17 5}, pages={225-32} }