Gene Pool Structure of Eastern Ukrainians as Inferred from the Y-Chromosome Haplogroups

  title={Gene Pool Structure of Eastern Ukrainians as Inferred from the Y-Chromosome Haplogroups},
  author={V. Kharkov and V. A. Stepanov and S. Borinskaya and Zh. M. Kozhekbaeva and V. Gusar and E. Y. Grechanina and V. Puzyrev and E. Khusnutdinova and N. Yankovsky},
  journal={Russian Journal of Genetics},
  • V. Kharkov, V. A. Stepanov, +6 authors N. Yankovsky
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Russian Journal of Genetics
  • Y chromosomes from representative sample of Eastern Ukrainians (94 individuals) were analyzed for composition and frequencies of haplogroups, defined by 11 biallelic loci located in non-recombining part of the chromosome (SRY1532, YAP, 92R7, DYF155S2, 12f2, Tat, M9, M17, M25,M89, andM56). In the Ukrainian gene, pool six haplogroups were revealed: E, F (including G and I), J, N3, P, and R1a1. These haplogroups were earlier detected in a study of Y-chromosome diversity on the territory of Europe… CONTINUE READING
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