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Gendered systemic analysis : systems thinking and gender equality in international development

  title={Gendered systemic analysis : systems thinking and gender equality in international development},
  author={E. Lewis},
Inclusive Systemic Evaluation for Gender Equality, Environments and Marginalized Voices( ISE4GEMs): a new approach for the SDG era
The UN Women Independent Evaluation Office has been promoting the integration of gender equality in evaluations since its inception. However, guidance and practice on how to implement


What Is This Thing Called CST
This chapter introduces and critiques some early ideas about Critical Systems Thinking (CST), a research perspective that is said to embrace a set of fundamental commitments. Five were identified by
Principled success: Eco‐feminism and systems thinking come together for better project outcomes
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to report on the product of a ten year study, the PhD thesis, "Feminist Systems Thinking: Principles and Practice", conferred in April, 2012 by the University
Towards a Feminist-Systems Theory
This paper provides the findings of a study to locate the similarity and/or differences between two epistemologies: critical systems thinking and cultural ecofeminism. Selected texts from authors in
Critical Theory: A Very Short Introduction
In its essence, Critical Theory is Western Marxist thought with the emphasis moved from the liberation of the working class to broader issues of individual agency. Critical Theory emerged in the
Unity and pluralism
The central theme of this thesis is methodological pluralism in systems science: that is, how it might be possible to draw upon different systems methods that are traditionally thought to be based in
The No-Nonsense Guide to International Development
In this text, Maggie Black traces the history of development from its post-colonial beginnings, and examines the relationship between development and economic growth, the impact development has had
Critical systems heuristics: Application of an emancipatory approach for police strategy toward the carrying of offensive weapons
Critical systems heuristics (CSH) is explored in this article. It is an emancipatory approach to problem solving. Its philosophy and principles are presented. Methodological guidelines and an
Critical Heuristics of Social Planning
Developing the methodology of TSI: From the oblique use of methods to creative design
It is suggested that TSI can be enhanced by an understanding of the creative design of methods because the latter allows us to explain the purposive, flexible, and responsive way in which TSI is most successfully used in practice.