Gender-reveal parties: performing community identity in pink and blue

  title={Gender-reveal parties: performing community identity in pink and blue},
  author={Carly Gieseler},
  journal={Journal of Gender Studies},
  pages={661 - 671}
  • Carly Gieseler
  • Published 18 August 2018
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Gender Studies
Abstract The gender-reveal party has become the latest trend to publicize and commoditize what was once a private, intimate moment in parenthood. As this trend has grown in popularity, it has sparked a divisive discourse and reasserted normative ideals of gender. This article explores the representations and conversations surrounding this trend across newspapers, magazines and Internet sites. Approaching this phenomenon through performance and performativity illustrates how these parties… 

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Expecting parents are often eager to learn the sex of their baby. Gender-reveal parties offer a community or family celebration of that information, often complete with clichéd pink or blue colour

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