Gender quotas in single-member district electoral systems

  title={Gender quotas in single-member district electoral systems},
  author={Skye Christensen and Gabrielle Bardall},
  journal={Politics, Groups, and Identities},
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Conventional knowledge on the effectiveness of gender quotas for enhancing women's political participation has, to date, been unanimous on the superiority of quotas in proportional representation (PR) systems. Yet this view overlooks the many possible alternatives to implementing gender quotas in single-member district (SMD) systems. This paper studies gender quotas (or temporary special measures) in SMD electoral systems. Drawing on case examples from Uganda, France, India and elsewhere, we… 

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Britain is currently ranked 49 the Inter Parliamentary Union table of the percentage of women in national parliaments worldwide, with 18 percent women elected to Westminster in 2001 General Election.

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The following two chapters examine some of the strategies that can be used to overcome the obstacles to political participation outlined in the previous chapter. In this chapter, we focus our

No shortcuts to power: constraints on women's political effectiveness in Uganda

  • A. Goetz
  • Political Science
    The Journal of Modern African Studies
  • 2002
Numbers of women in public representative office have increased dramatically in Uganda since the introduction of the National Resistance Movement's ‘no party’ system, because affirmative action