Gender in the Earliest Human Societies

  title={Gender in the Earliest Human Societies},
  author={Marcia-Anne Dobres},
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Black Feminist Theory in Prehistory
Black feminist theory has been employed in North American historical archaeology, but has not made inroads in other areas of archaeology. This article describes how Black feminist theory may be used
The Interplay of Evidential Constraints and Political Interests: Recent Archaeological Research on Gender
In the last few years, conference programs and publications have begun to appear that reflect a growing interest, among North American archaeologists, in research initiatives that focus on women and
Introduction to “Binary Binds”: Deconstructing Sex and Gender Dichotomies in Archaeological Practice
Gender archaeology has made significant strides toward deconstructing the hegemony of binary categorizations. Challenging dichotomies such as man/woman, sex/gender, and biology/culture, approaches
Women in States
Sexuality Studies in Archaeology
Does sexuality have a past? A growing body of archaeological research on sexuality demonstrates that the sexual politics of the past were as richly varied and complex as those of the present.
Archaeology of the Body
AbstractUnder the influence of phenomenological approaches, a semiotic perspective on the body is being replaced in archaeology by analysis of the production and experience of lived bodies in the
Gender and prehistoric technology: On the social agency of technical strategies
Abstract Technological production is a materially grounded arena within which social identities can be defined, expressed and mediated. A focus on the microscale dynamics of social agency manifest in
The Engendering of Archaeology Refiguring Feminist Science Studies
In the last fifteen years archaeologists have been drawn into heated debates about the objectivity of their enterprise. These are frequently provoked by critical analyses that demonstrate (with
Studies of Gender in the Prehispanic Americas
In the past ten years archaeologists have produced a vast literature on the study of gender in the prehispanic New World. This review defines key concepts, identifies three major themes within this