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Gender in children’s television worldwide

  title={Gender in children’s television worldwide},
  author={Maya G{\"o}tz and Ole Hofmann and Hans-Bernd Brosius and Cynthia Carter and Kara Chan and Stephanie Hemelryk Donald and Joellen Fisherkeller and Micheline Frenette and Tone Kristine Kolbj{\o}rnsen and Dafna Lemish and Kati Lustyik and Divya Carolyn McMillin and Juliette H. Walma van der Molen and Norma Odom Pecora and Jeanne Prinsloo and Marina Pestaj and Pablo Ramos Rivero and A. H. Mereilles Reis and Frieda Saeys and Sebastian Scherr and Honxia Zhang},
In the world’s largest quantitative media analysis of children’s TV so far the main characters of fictional programmes in 24 countries were coded. The results show a clear under-representation and stereotyped depiction of female characters worldwide. 
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