Gender differences in perceptual-motor performance.


Do gender differences exist in perceptual-motor performance, and, if so, are the differences as substantial as those observed in trade/technical knowledge tests? What roles do general cognitive ability and videogame experience have in determining perceptual-motor performance? To address these questions, we administered a battery of computer-based tests requiring multilimb coordination and perceptual matching to a sample of 392 USAF enlistees (72% male). Our main findings were that general cognitive ability had the expected positive main effect on performance and gender and videogame experience had an interactive effect, such that videogame experience benefited men's but not women's performance. The role of experience on perceptual-motor performance merits further attention, especially with regard to gender differences.

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@article{Tirre1994GenderDI, title={Gender differences in perceptual-motor performance.}, author={W C Tirre and Ketata Raouf}, journal={Aviation, space, and environmental medicine}, year={1994}, volume={65 5 Suppl}, pages={A49-53} }