Gender differences in non-motor symptoms in early, drug naïve Parkinson’s disease

  title={Gender differences in non-motor symptoms in early, drug na{\"i}ve Parkinson’s disease},
  author={Marina Picillo and Marianna Amboni and Roberto Erro and Katia Longo and Carmine Vitale and Marcello Moccia and Angela Pierro and Gabriella Santangelo and Anna Chiara De Rosa and Giuseppe De Michele and Lucio Santoro and Giuseppe Orefice and Paolo Barone and M. T. Pellecchia},
  journal={Journal of Neurology},
Gender differences in brain structure and function may lead to differences in the clinical expression of neurological diseases, including Parkinson’s disease (PD). Few studies reported gender-related differences in the burden of non-motor symptoms (NMS) in treated PD patients, but this matter has not been previously explored in drug-naïve PD patients. This study is to assess gender differences in the prevalence of NMS in a large sample of early, drug-naïve PD patients compared with age and sex… CONTINUE READING


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