Gender comparisons of anthropometric characteristics of young sprint swimmers.

  title={Gender comparisons of anthropometric characteristics of young sprint swimmers.},
  author={Jorge M. Zuniga and Terry J. Housh and Michelle Mielke and C. Russell Hendrix and Clayton L. Camic and Glen O. Johnson and Dona J. Housh and Richard Schmidt},
  journal={Journal of strength and conditioning research},
  volume={25 1},
The purpose of this study was to compare the body composition, body build, and anthropometric characteristics of boy and girl sprint swimmers. Two groups (boys, n = 38 and girls, n = 31) of sprint swimmers (mean age ± SD = 11.03 ± 2.29 and 10.45 ± 2.29 years, respectively) volunteered for this study. The subjects were members of local swimming clubs who competed in sprint swimming events (≤ 200 m). Gender comparisons were made for age, body weight (BW), height (HT), fat-free weight (FFW… CONTINUE READING


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