Gender as Seriality: Thinking about Women as a Social Collective

  title={Gender as Seriality: Thinking about Women as a Social Collective},
  author={Iris Marion Young},
  journal={Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society},
  pages={713 - 738}
  • I. Young
  • Published 1 April 1994
  • History
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
I N T H E S U M M E R of 1989 I worked in Shirley Wright's campaign for a seat on the Worcester School Committee. Shirley is African American in a city where about 5-7 percent of the population are African American, and 7-10 percent are Hispanic. As in many other cities, however, more than 35 percent of the children in the public schools are black, Hispanic, or Asian, and the proportion of children of color is growing rapidly. For more than ten years all six of the school committee seats have… 
Is Gender a More Important Axis of Representation Than Race, Ethnicity or Class in Politics?
  • Abu Saleh Mohammad Sowad
  • Political Science, Sociology
    International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development
  • 2019
This article argues that having representatives from all parts of the society in politics will help the policies to be more people-centric. Including more and more women in the political field will
Why are Some Women Politically Active? The Household, Public Space, and Political Participation in India
Women in India do not participate in political life to the same extent as men. While a fair number of women turn out to vote they have little representation in legislative bodies at the national and
Bodies in Politics
‘If the present looks like the past, what does the future look like?’ (Walker, 1983). Alice Walker’s question introduces and frames a meditation on the gradations of color that have separated Black
Theorizing Women's Representation in the United States
  • Suzanne Dovi
  • Political Science, Economics
    Politics & Gender
  • 2007
From the perspective of women's experiences, it is easy to see that democratic representative institutions can be tools of oppression. After all, formal democratic institutions have been either a
“Truly a Women of Color Organization”
Research on the U.S. women’s movement has documented the difficulties of cross-racial work between White women and women of racial/ethnic minorities. Less understood is how racial/ethnic minorities
Who Represents Me? Race, Gender, Partisan Congruence, and Representational Alternatives in a Polarized America
The belief among citizens that their views are represented is essential to the legitimacy of American democracy, but few studies have explicitly examined which political actors Americans feel best
Listening to Jane Cunningham Croly's "Talks with Women": Issues of Gender, Dress, and Reform in Demorest's Monthly Magazine
This paper explores how popular women's magazines promoted change in women's roles and reform in dress during the nineteenth century. Selected writings about women and dress for Demorest's Monthly
Women in the House (of Parliament) in Fiji: What’s Gender Got to Do with It?
Abstract Women in Fiji have made steady, albeit slow, progress in terms of parliamentary representation, with women now holding 14% of seats in the lower house of parliament. Some of the progress has
Complicit masculinity and the serialization of violence: notes from Australian cinema
ABSTRACT This article argues for a revised understanding of 'complicity' as a undertheorised position and relationship within the social organisation of gender. The concept of ‘hegemonic
Talking About Politics: Gender and Contextual Effects on Political Proselytizing
  • S. Hansen
  • Sociology
    The Journal of Politics
  • 1997
As predicted by resource-based models of political participation, women's increasing education and labor-force involvement have led to rates of political activity equal to or exceeding rates for men.


Under Western Eyes: Feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses
It ought to be of some political significance at least that the term 'colonization' has come to denote a variety of phenomena in recent feminist and left writings in general. From its analytic value
Justice and the Politics of Difference
This book challenges the prevailing philosophical reduction of social justice to distributive justice. It critically analyzes basic concepts underlying most theories of justice, including
The Thinking Muse: Feminism and Modern French Philosophy
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS INTRODUCTION Jo-Ann Pilardi Female Eroticism in the Works of Simone de Beauvoir Eleanor H. Kuykendall Simone de Beauvoir and Two Kinds of Ambivalence in Action Iris Marion Young
The Reproduction of Mothering: Psychoanalysis and the Sociology of Gender
When this best-seller was published, it put the mother-daughter relationship and female psychology on the map. "The Reproduction of Mothering" was chosen by "Contemporary Sociology" as one of the ten
The Look In Sartre and Rich
The relevance of Sartre's theory of “the look” for feminist philosophy is evaluated through juxtaposition of his analysis with images of women's oppression in Rich's early poetry. A theory of
Identity Politics and Shifting Selves: Black Feminist
  • 1989
Essentially Speaking
  • New York: Routledge.
  • 1989
Arguing for Democratic Feminism: Postmodern Doubts
  • 1991
" Identity Politics and Shifting Selves : Black Feminist Coalition Theory . " Paper presented at American Political Science Association . Chodorow , Nancy .
  • 1989