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Gender and traditional pottery practice in Ankole region, western Uganda

  title={Gender and traditional pottery practice in Ankole region, western Uganda},
  author={Wk Kayamba and Philip Kwesiga},
The study investigated traditional pottery practices in the Ankole region of Western Uganda, focusing on indigenous technological knowledge, socio-economic and environmental issues. The main objective was to investigate how the traditional pottery is produced, pottery use, and impact on the environment. Most of the fieldwork component of the study involved interviews with potters, observation and documentation of pottery activities in the region. Findings indicate that traditional pottery is… 



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The study investigated pottery production activities in the Ankole region, Western Uganda, focusing on technical and socio-economic issues. The main objective was to investigate how pottery industry

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Breaking through traditions: the brick and tile industry in Ankole region, Uganda.

This article was submitted to the Net Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 5(2), pp. 9-20, April 2017.

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