Gender- and age-related differences in corneal topography.

  title={Gender- and age-related differences in corneal topography.},
  author={Tateki Goto and Stephen D. Klyce and Xiaodong Zheng and Naoyuki Maeda and Teruhito Kuroda and Christophe Ide},
  volume={20 3},
PURPOSE To investigate gender- and age-related differences in the corneal topography of a normal population. METHODS One hundred thirty-two topographic examinations were collected from 100 patients ranging in age from 23 to 83 years (average, 57.35+/-17.38 years). Data were segregated by gender and further divided into younger (less than 50 years) and older (50 years or more) age groups. The topographic indices of Surface Regularity Index, Surface Asymmetry Index, Irregular Astigmatism Index… CONTINUE READING