Gender and Tenure Diversity in GitHub Teams

  title={Gender and Tenure Diversity in GitHub Teams},
  author={Bogdan Vasilescu and Daryl Posnett and Baishakhi Ray and Mark van den Brand and Alexander Serebrenik and Premkumar T. Devanbu and Vladimir Filkov},
  journal={Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems},
Software development is usually a collaborative venture. [] Key Result These results can inform decision making on all levels, leading to better outcomes in recruiting and performance.

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How diverse is your team? Investigating gender and nationality diversity in GitHub teams

Results show that higher gender diversity is linked with a lower team average issue fixing time (higher productivity), that nationality diversity is link with lower team politeness and that gender diversity are linked with higher sentiment.

Gender diversity and women in software teams

It is concluded that women are instrumental to reducing community smells in software development teams and that the presence of women generally reduces the amount of community smells.

Organizational Distance Also Matters: A Case Study of Distributed Research Teams and their Paper Productivity

Interestingly, little statistical evidence that geographic and time differences relate to team productivity is found, however, organizational and functional distances are highly predictive of the productivity of the dispersed teams the authors studied.

Organizational Distance Also Matters

Geographically distributed teams often face challenges in coordination and collaboration, lowering their productivity. Understanding the relationship between team dispersion and productivity is

Learning from Team and Group Diversity: Nurturing and Benefiting from our Heterogeneity

This workshop collectively takes stock of the research literature on diversity and teams, considers the several theoretical and methodological efforts to organize these findings, and proposes new research directions to address the "diversity of diversity studies".

The Diversity-Innovation Paradox in Open-Source Software

This preliminary research defines software innovation as a novel co-usage of two packages in the same project and intends to calculate diversity measures for the authors who produced the innovations and build models to test the presence of the diversity-innovation paradox in OSS.

A Data Set for Social Diversity Studies of GitHub Teams

A large data set of social diversity attributes of programmers in GitHub teams, using alias resolution, location data, and gender inference techniques, is presented for the first time.

Gender Diversity and Women in Software Teams: How Do They Affect Community Smells?

It is concluded that women are instrumental to reducing community smells in software development teams and that the presence of women generally reduces the amount of community smells.

Benefits and Difficulties of Gender Diversity on Software Development Teams: A Qualitative Study

It was found that gender-diverse workplaces are prone to have better ideas sharing, better decision making, creativity, and innovation and other dimensions of diversity pervaded the answers, like intersectionality, race/ethnicity, ageism, and a less explored point: social vulnerability.

Modeling Gender Differences in Membership Change in Open Source Software Projects

—Gender diversity in open source software develop- ment continues to be a topic of growing interest among researchers, practitioners, and organizations. To date, research has revealed disparities in



The Impact of Gender Composition on Team Performance and Decision Making: Evidence from the Field

It is observed that three-women teams are less aggressive in their pricing strategies, invest less in research and development, and invest more in social sustainability initiatives than does any other gender combination.

Gender Diversity, Team Decision Quality, Time on Task, and Interpersonal Cohesion

Because of changing workplace demographics, teams are becoming more gender diverse. Most gender research has compared all-male with all-female teams or same-gender with balanced-gender teams. Using

The Effects of Diversity in Global, Distributed Collectives: A Study of Open Source Project Success

This work uses a diversity lens to study the success of nontraditional virtual work groups exemplified by open source software (OSS) projects, and proposes that three types of diversity influence two critical outcomes for OSS projects: community engagement and market success.

The effects of diversity on group productivity and member withdrawal in online volunteer groups

It is found that increased diversity in experience with Wikipedia increases group productivity and decreases member withdrawal -- up to a point; beyond that point, group productivity remains high, but members are more likely to withdraw.

The Effects of Team Diversity on Team Outcomes: A Meta-Analytic Review of Team Demography

Over the past few decades, a great deal of research has been conducted to examine the complex relationship between team diversity and team outcomes. However, the impact of team diversity on team

Searching for the goldilocks zone: trade-offs in managing online volunteer groups

The results reveal two critical trade-offs in managing online volunteer groups: factors that increase member productivity, measured by the number of edits on Wikipedia articles, also increase likelihood of withdrawal from contributing, perhaps due to feelings of mission accomplished or burnout.

The impact of team and work characteristics on team functioning

In this article, the authors seek to strengthen the theoretical foundation of team and cell formation through the inclusion of human factors. They distinguish three types of team characteristics:

Diversity in social context: a multi-attribute, multilevel analysis of team diversity and sales performance

Summary Prior research on demographic diversity in work teams has yielded mixed results, with the effects of team diversity ranging from positive to neutral to negative. This article shows that an

Unraveling the effects of cultural diversity in teams: A meta-analysis of research on multicultural work groups

Previous research on the role of cultural diversity in teams is equivocal, suggesting that cultural diversity's effect on teams is mediated by specific team processes, and moderated by contextual

Open Borders? Immigration in Open Source Projects

A quantitative case study of the process by which people join FLOSS projects is mounted, using data mined from the Apache Web server, Postgres, and Python to develop a theory of open source project joining, and evaluates this theory based on the data.