Gender and Contextual Factors in Adolescent Dating Violence

  title={Gender and Contextual Factors in Adolescent Dating Violence},
  author={Christian E. Molidor and Richard M. Tolman},
  journal={Violence Against Women},
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This study explored the occurrence of violence in adolescent dating relationships, the contexts in which violence occured, and the reactions of adolescents involved in the violence. Six hundred and thirty-five high school students were surveyed using a dating violence questionnaire that included items modified from the Conflict Tactics Scales. Analyses focused on comparing male and female reports of victimization in current and past dating relationships. Consistent with some previous studies… 

Adolescent Dating Violence Among Nicaraguan Youth

For both victimization and perpetration, physical and sexual abuse were found to be positively correlated with psychological abuse, most notably for girl victims.


A growing body of research examines the problem of adolescent dating violence. In these studies, fairly high rates of female-to-male violence have been documented, leading to considerable debate

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Mental health and educational consequences of physical and sexual abuse by peers in a convenience sample of adolescents found dating violence was associated with higher levels of depression, suicidal thoughts, and poorer educational outcomes.

Dating Violence among Adolescents

The state of the research literature on teen dating violence is assessed and it is suggested that additional investment in high-quality basic research is needed to inform the development of sound theory and effective prevention and intervention programs.

Violence in Intimate Relationships: A Comparison between Married and Dating Couples

Attitudinal data revealed a general disapproval of violence use, with greater violence support among males and married participants, and, in terms of perpetration, more dating partners reported physical abuse and severe forms of physical abuse than married partners.

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Recent data verifying a substantial amount of violence in dating relationships have presented a new challenge to the romantic love model. This study, which investigates abuse between high school

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Logit analysis indicates that parent-child violence, drug use, and know ledge of use of dating violence by others predict the use of courtship violence by females, and possible gender differences in the underlying causal structure of such violence are investigated.

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A large-scale primary prevention program for wife assault and dating violence was evaluated, employing a measure of attitudes, by means of the London Family Court Clinic Questionnaire on Violence in Relationships, and students reported a high level of awareness of and experience with violence in their own and their friends’ dating and family relationships.

Courtship violence among college students.

Recent concern with family violence has focused on child abuse and wife battering while other forms have been relatively neglected. A need to recognize and focus on violence that occurs during the

Violence in Dating Relationships: Emerging Social Issues.

Physical Abuse in Dating Relationships Dating Violence: Prevalence, Context, and Risk Markers by David B. Sugarman and Gerald Hotaling The Marriage License as a Hitting License: A Comparison of