Gender aftereffects in the perception of silhouetted face profiles

  title={Gender aftereffects in the perception of silhouetted face profiles},
  author={Nicolas Davidenko and J. Winawer and N. Witthoft},
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Disambiguating auditory information causes priming, but not aftereffects, in the perception of ambiguous faces
In five experiments, we used a visual aftereffects paradigm to probe whether emotion- and gender-relevant information presented in the auditory domain would affect the formation of visualExpand
Continuous flash suppression: Known and unknowns.
Previous studies provide evidence for survival of low-level visual information and complete impairment of high- level visual information under the influence of CFS, but there is no evidence for nonconscious high-level recognition with CFS. Expand
A critical reexamination of doing arithmetic nonconsciously
It is argued that strong claims require strong evidence and stress that cumulative research strategies are needed to provide such evidence and that the current evidence for unconscious arithmetic is inconclusive. Expand
Limits on visual awareness for multiple objects: a bottleneck in low-level edge detection rather than high-level representational architecture
The findings challenge the idea that the neural representational architecture in higher visual cortex predicts limitations for visual awareness and suggest low-level mechanisms can account for category-specific limitations, at least in the context of a CFS multiple object task. Expand
Ventral and Dorsal Pathways Relate Differently to Visual Awareness of Body Postures under Continuous Flash Suppression
The results provide evidence that dorsal stream areas are less associated with visual awareness, and activity in the ventral body-sensitive areas was higher during visible conditions. Expand
Attending to Race (or Gender) Does Not Increase Race (or Gender) Aftereffects
The results suggest that attending to a facial dimension such as race or gender does not result in increased adaptation to that dimension, and aftereffects were not stronger along attention-congruent than attention-incongruent dimensions. Expand
Differential modulation of visual object processing in dorsal and ventral stream by stimulus visibility
The results suggest that both the ventral and the dorsal visual stream are linked to visual awareness, but neural activity in ventral areas more closely reflects graded differences in awareness compared to dorsal areas. Expand
Interocular grouping without awareness
This result was based on the majority of trials where the suppressed parts of the objects remained invisible, which indicates that interocular grouping can occur without all the to-be-grouped parts being visible and without awareness. Expand
The temporal frequency tuning of continuous flash suppression reveals peak suppression at very low frequencies
Surprisingly, it is found that suppression in CFS peaks very prominently at approximately 1 Hz, well below the rates typically used in C FS studies, and involvement of parvocellular/ventral mechanisms in the suppression process is indicated. Expand
Exploring the boundary conditions of unconscious numerical priming effects with continuous flash suppression
This work found evidence for identity priming, but no conclusive evidence for distance-dependent numerical priming under CFS, suggesting that previous conclusions on high-level numericalPriming under interocular suppression may have been premature. Expand