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Gender Values in Simulation Games: Sex and The Sims

  title={Gender Values in Simulation Games: Sex and The Sims},
  author={A. Albrechtslund},
My paper is based on the idea that computer games as simulations can be seen as a new kind of aesthetical realism forming a certain perception of reality and thus certain ideological statements. These statements can be found in the structural shaping of the games, in other words the rules and gameplay of a game. The investigation thus concerns the framework that the rules and gameplay provide in games and its ideological effects or statements, and in this paper, I am specifically interested in… Expand
Playing with Sims as a Space of One's Own
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“White is a color, Middle Eastern is not a color”: Drop-Down Menus, Racial Identification, and the Weight of Labels
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Family Values: Ideology, Computer Games & Sims
  • M. Sicart
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • DiGRA Conference
  • 2003
Describing The Sims as a social simulator of a postcapitalist society and proposing an analysis of the relation between rules, gameplay and ideology in certain computer game simulations are proposed. Expand
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  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • DiGRA Conference
  • 2003
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The author is involved with several projects related to big data analytics, multimodal data fusion, cyber-physical security, and anomaly detection, and leads the Data and Signal Analysis (DASA) research group. Expand
Computer games, players, ethics
  • Computer games, players, ethics
  • 2006
Computer games, players, ethics. PhD dissertation, IT University of Copenhagen. Uricchio, William (2005) Simulation, History and Computer Games, in Handbook of Computer Game Studies
  • 2006