Gender Studies Education and Pedagogy


In 2012 and 2013, the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research publishes a five-part series on Swedish gender studies, in which Gender Studies Education and Pedagogy is the first part. The aim is to highlight and spread knowledge about gender studies to wider circles, both within and outside universities and other higher education institutions. The publication of this series is being led by editors Anna Lundberg (Linköping University) and Ann Werner (Södertörn University), and includes a reference group of representatives from gender studies disciplines in Sweden as well as the authors who have contributed to the publications. The themes for the four following publications are: What the future holds for students of gender studies – a national alumni survey; Gender studies, politics and social responsibility; Academic challenges in writing and thought; Theoretical/methodo-logical contributions from gender studies. It is not yet decided whether the remaining parts will be translated to English.

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