Gender, Rural Planning and Management: A Review


Gender problem is a vibrant issue of the world today. The very sensitive factor that women can act as co-partners of men and even act as singular actors in all fields of science and technology is a gorgeous truth. The gender anguish of the yesteryears has come to a halt. Women, particularly, the rural women are now in a position to appropriate modern technologies in order to raise the socio-economic status of their families and for larger benefits of the society. The Afro-Asian women, who had been the victims of long-drawn exploitation and humiliation, are now striding forward for a better destiny. A bunch of eight papers written from different dimensions, covering the particular aspect of gender participation in technologybased rural development activities have been reviewed with an analytical note in this article. © Kamla-Raj Enterprises 2007 Anthropology Today: Trends, Scope and Applications Anthropologist Special Volume No. 3: 151-159 (2007) Veena Bhasin & M.K. Bhasin, Guest Editors Authors’ Address: Tapati Dasgupta and R. N. Chattopadhyay, Rural Planning & Management Unit, Department of Architecture & Regional Planning, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur 721 302, West Bengal,

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