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Gender Role Reversal in Hairdressing Profession and Female Clients' Perception of Male Hairdressers in Ibadan North Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria *1

  title={Gender Role Reversal in Hairdressing Profession and Female Clients' Perception of Male Hairdressers in Ibadan North Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria *1},
  author={Daniel Chidozie Nnadi},
  journal={The Journal of Pan-African Studies},
This study investigated the gender role reversal into the hairdressing profession and the perceptions of female clients of male hairdressers in Ibadan North Local Government of Oyo state. Data were gathered using primary sources. The method of data collection for this study was qualitative and adopted In-depth Interview (IDI), Focused Group Discussion (FGD) and participant observation techniques. Participant observation was useful in confirming what was gathered through interviews with the male… 



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