Gender Differences in Pornography Consumption among Young Heterosexual Danish Adults

  title={Gender Differences in Pornography Consumption among Young Heterosexual Danish Adults},
  author={Gert Martin Hald},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
  • G. Hald
  • Published 13 October 2006
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Archives of Sexual Behavior
The aims of the study were (1) to investigate gender differences in pornography consumption among Danish adults aged 18–30 and (2) to examine gender differences in situational, interpersonal, and behavioral characteristics of pornography consumption. A national survey study was conducted using a representative sample of 688 young heterosexual Danish adult men and women. The study found large gender differences in prevalence rates of pornography consumption and consumption patterns. Compared to… 
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  • C. Rogala, T. Tydén
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Women's health issues : official publication of the Jacobs Institute of Women's Health
  • 2003
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