Gender Articulated: Language and the Socially Constructed Self

  title={Gender Articulated: Language and the Socially Constructed Self},
  author={Kira Hall and Mary Bucholtz},
Gender Articulated is a groundbreaking work of sociolinguistics that forges new connections between language-related fields and feminist theory. Refuting apolitical, essentialist perspectives on language and gender, the essays presented here examine a range of cultures, languages and settings. They explicitly connect feminist theory to language research. Some of the most distinguished scholars working in the field of language and gender today discuss such topics as Japanese women's… 

Constructing a Feminist Identity: Discourse and the Community of Practice

The relationship between language and gender features prominently in contemporary feminist scholarship. In particular, feminist linguists and feminist psychologists have highlighted the ways in which

Researching Gender in Language Use

Language and gender research has evolved considerably over the last two decades. In the 1970s and 1980s, through a variety of methodological approaches, researchers demonstrated that language use was

Politicizing Gender in Discourse: Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis as Political Perspective and Praxis

A critical perspective on unequal social arrangements sustained through language use, with the goals of social transformation and emancipation, constitutes the cornerstone of critical discourse

Talking Gender in the Group

Research into the relationship between language and gender challenges group psychotherapy to pay attention to the significance of gender in shaping the language used by members and conductors.

All of the above: New coalitions in sociocultural linguistics1

As the history of sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology shows, a sharp distinction between these fields and others concerned with the sociocultural investigation of language is untenable given

The discursive maintenance of gender inequality: Analyses of student and internet discussions.

This thesis contributes to a relatively small but burgeoning body of feminist and critical discourse analytic research into the social construction of gender and gender inequality conducted within

Gender, leadership and discourse in New Zealand workplaces

Over the last fifteen years, social constructionist approaches have emphasised the dynamic nature of the process of creating meanings and negotiating the social order, including " the gender order",

You da man: Narrating the racial other in the production of white masculinity

Sociolinguistic research on the linguistic construction of identity has begun to attend to the construction of culturally normative, unmarked social categories such as whiteness and masculinity. The

Gender Codes at Odds and the Linguistic Construction of a Hybrid Identity

This study traces the ways in which an Arabic-speaking immigrant girl in Cyprus positions herself towards the different gender ideologies that she encounters at home and in school. Through Nadia's