Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis

  title={Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis},
  author={J. Scott},
  journal={The American Historical Review},
  • J. Scott
  • Published 1986
  • History
  • The American Historical Review
TH1OSE WHO WOULD CODIFY THE MEANINGS OF WORDS fight a losing battle, for words, like the ideas and things they are mneant to signify, have a history. Neither Oxford dons nor the Academie FranUaise have been entirely able to stem the tide, to capture and fix mneanings free of the play of huinan invention and imagination. Mary Wortley Montagu added bite to her witty denunciation "of the fair sex" ("my only consolation for being of that gender has been the assurance of never being mnarried to any… Expand


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