Gender, Theory, and The Rise of Christianity: A Response to Rodney Stark

  title={Gender, Theory, and The Rise of Christianity: A Response to Rodney Stark},
  author={Elizabeth A. Castelli},
  journal={Journal of Early Christian Studies},
  pages={227 - 257}

Early Christianity:

Female embodiment and the ascetic impulse: in search of a theology of the female body

This thesis explores how female embodiment has been conceived of in Christianity, extending from the patristic era – with its intermingling of Greco-Roman and Jewish conceptions of the body and

Michael Psellos: Rhetoric and Authorship in Byzantium

Introduction Part I. The Professional Rhetor and Theory of Authorship: 1. The philosopher's rhetoric 2. The rhetor as creator: Psellos on Gregory of Nazianzos 3. The return of the poet: mimesis and

Marriage, sex and death: the family in the post-Imperial west

This thesis presents a cultural history of families and family roles in the post-Imperial west, here defined as AD 400-700. This thesis questions the ‘tri-partite’ influences of Roman heritage,

A companion to women in the ancient world

A Companion to Women in the Ancient World is the first interdisciplinary, methodologically based collection of readings to address the study of women in the ancient world while weaving textual,

Can't Be Tamed: A Feminist Analysis of Apocrypha and Other Scripture

Acknowledgements This thesis would not have been possible without help. I wish to express my gratitude to my advisor, Professor Jacobs, who was abundantly helpful and offered invaluable assistance,

Real Women or Objects of Discourse? The Search for Early Christian Women

Scholarly interest in gender and sexuality in early Christianity, which has typically been tied to an interest in women and women's roles, experiences, and influences, is a relatively new addition to

Performing Christian Female Identity in Roman Alexandria

Title of Document: PERFORMING CHRISTIAN FEMALE IDENTITY IN ROMAN ALEXANDRIA. Heather Juliussen-Stevenson, M.A., 2008 Directed By: Professor Kenneth Holum, Ph.D., History Department The Christian



On hymens and holiness in Late Antiquity. Opposition to aristocratic female asceticism at Rome

Le role joue par les femmes chretiennes dans la conversion de l'aristocratie romaine demande une enquete sur le lien entre l'ascetisme de la virginite et la saintete. L'A. reexamine l'opposition bien

Pagans and Christians

Women Holy in Body and Spirit: The Social Setting of 1 Corinthians 7

In an elegant discussion of the roles of women in the Pauline congregations, Wayne Meeks has drawn attention to Paul's apparently deliberate attempt to make parallel statements about the respective

The Use of Historical Demography in Ancient History

The purpose of this paper is to assess the validity of some methods currently being used to interpret the demographic evidence from the ancient world. For example, it has been claimed that during the

Do not let a woman destroy the unborn babe in her belly abortion in Ancient Judaism and Christianity

L'A. pose le probleme des conditions historiques et des raisons theologiques qui conduisent le christianisme a s'opposer a l'avortement. Dans une premiere partie, il s'interesse aux jugements portes

Foucault, the Fathers and Sex

AFTER MICHEL FOUCAULT WROTE the first volume of his History ofSexuality, he discovered that he could not adequately treat sexuality in modem history without first returning to antiquity. This

Montanism: Gender, Authority and the New Prophecy

Preface Part I. Beginnings: 1.1 The study of Montanism 1.2 The geography of the Prophecy: Ardabau, Pepuza and Tymion 1.3 The date of the Prophecy Part II. The New Prophecy to Hippolytus and