Gender, Race, and Aggression in Mainstream Pornography

  title={Gender, Race, and Aggression in Mainstream Pornography},
  author={Eran Shor and Golshan Golriz},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
The role of aggression in pornographic videos has been at the heart of many theoretical debates and empirical studies over the last four decades, with rates of reported aggression ranging widely. However, the interaction between gender and race in the production of aggressive pornographic contents remains understudied and undertheorized. We conducted a study of 172 popular free Internet pornographic videos, exploring gender and racial interactions and the depictions of men and women from… 

Who Seeks Aggression in Pornography? Findings from Interviews with Viewers

  • Eran Shor
  • Psychology
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 2021
It was women, not men, who were more likely to report being aroused by aggression, mainly consensual aggression toward women, which was perceived as pleasurable and challenge long-held radical feminist views regarding the preferences of both women and men.

A Descriptive Analysis of the Types, Targets, and Relative Frequency of Aggression in Mainstream Pornography

Aggression is common against women in online pornography, while repercussions to this aggression are rarely portrayed, according to a study of 4009 heterosexual scenes from two major free pornographic tube sites.

Worse Than Objects: The Depiction of Black Women and Men and Their Sexual Relationship in Pornography

Previous content analyses of pornography suggest black women are more often the target of aggression compared to white women. Furthermore, research suggested that the most aggressive depictions

Aggression and Pleasure in Opposite-Sex and Same-Sex Mainstream Online Pornography: A Comparative Content Analysis of Dyadic Scenes

It is shown that there are both more displays of aggression andMore displays of affection and pleasure in same-sex online pornographic videos, relative to different-sex videos, across subgenres of mainstream online pornography.

Age, Aggression, and Pleasure in Popular Online Pornographic Videos

  • Eran Shor
  • Psychology
    Violence against women
  • 2019
This article analyzes the content of 172 popular videos from the pornographic website Although I found no difference between the levels of aggression in videos featuring teenage

Sexual violence as a sexual script in mainstream online pornography

This article examines the ways in which mainstream pornography positions sexual violence as a normative sexual script by analysing the video titles found on the landing pages of the three most

The Content of Contemporary, Mainstream Pornography: A Literature Review of Content Analytic Studies

Abstract This paper provides a narrative review of recent studies (2005–2020) into the content of contemporary, mainstream pornography. Sex acts, such as vaginal sex, fellatio, and external

She Asked for It: Hardcore Porn, Sexism, and Rape Myth Acceptance

Examination of pornography viewing, rape myth acceptance, and sexist attitudes suggested hardcore pornography viewing as a significant exacerbating factor for the relationship between hostile sexism and “she asked for it” rape myths across genders.

Hijab Pornography: A Content Analysis of Internet Pornographic Videos

Findings suggest that women were the target of aggressive acts in all videos, with gagging and spanking being the most common and women were more likely to be objectified and exploited, and less likely to possess agency.

Pornography Consumers of Color and Problematic Pornography Use: Clinical Implications

  • C. West
  • Psychology
    Current Addiction Reports
  • 2022
The purpose of this article is to utilize a problematic pornography use (PPU) framework to review the nascent research on Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) consumers of pornography.



Racism and Sexism in Interracial Pornography

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Hypersexualization and the Dark Body: Race and Inequality among Black and Latina Women in the Exotic Dance Industry

During the 1980s in the USA, two sides of the pornography debate emerged: (a) sex work is oppressive to women based on sexism and women’s low economic positioning and (b) sex work is empowering to

Sexual violence in pornography: How prevalent is it?

We examine the treatment of female characters in videocassette pornography. Using a systematic sample, we analyze 209 vignettes in 40 x- to xxx- rated videos commercially available from a national

Age, Aggression, and Pleasure in Popular Online Pornographic Videos

  • Eran Shor
  • Psychology
    Violence against women
  • 2019
This article analyzes the content of 172 popular videos from the pornographic website Although I found no difference between the levels of aggression in videos featuring teenage

Aggression and Sexual Behavior in Best-Selling Pornography Videos: A Content Analysis Update

High levels of aggression in pornography in both verbal and physical forms are found, with perpetrators of aggression usually male, whereas targets of aggression were overwhelmingly female.

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This article focuses on the labor marginalization of black female performers within the pornography industry. Their representations and experiences as sex workers are shaped by a racialized and

Gender (In)equality in Internet Pornography: A Content Analysis of Popular Pornographic Internet Videos

Amateur pornography contained more gender inequality at the expense of women than professional pornography did, according to three main dimensions of gender (in)equality.

Asian American Women And Racialized Femininities

Integrating race and gender in a social constructionist framework, the authors examine the way that second-generation Asian American young women describe doing gender across ethnic and mainstream