Gender, Populism, and the QAnon Conspiracy Movement

  title={Gender, Populism, and the QAnon Conspiracy Movement},
  author={Lorna Bracewell},
  journal={Frontiers in Sociology},
According to one recent review of the burgeoning interdisciplinary scholarly literature on populism, populism’s “relationship with gender issues remains largely understudied” (Abi-Hassan, 2017, 426–427). Of those scholarly treatments that do exist, the lion’s share focus on the role of men and masculinity in populist movements. In this essay, I argue scholarly reflection on the relationship of gender and populism should not be limited to this narrow frame. Through a close examination of the… Expand
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A network-based approach to QAnon user dynamics during COVID-19 infodemic
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WMDecompose: A Framework for Leveraging the Interpretable Properties of Word Mover’s Distance in Sociocultural Analysis
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