Geminivirus database (GVDB): first database of family Geminiviridae and its genera Begomovirus.


Geminivirus Database (GVDB) is an online interactive database of Geminiviridae family. GVDB comprises of partial and complete nucleotide sequences along with duly annotated expressed genes of isolated Begomovirus species. The in silico homology modeling, docking and recombination results obtained for different begomoviral sequences are also mentioned. This database is endowed with comprehensive information about Geminivirus members which grounds infection in various plants species in India assorting from crops, ornamentals plants and common weeds. The home page of this database offers various links associated with current research projects and also the publications related to molecular and in silico study of Begomovirus infection. The main feature of GVDB includes flexible database designs based on platform of PHP allows easy retrieval of the information. The database is made available at

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