Gemcitabine-loaded smart carbon nanotubes for effective targeting to cancer cells.

  title={Gemcitabine-loaded smart carbon nanotubes for effective targeting to cancer cells.},
  author={Ravendra Singh and Neelesh Mehra and Vikas Jain and Narendra Kumar Jain},
  journal={Journal of drug targeting},
  volume={21 6},
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are the three-dimensional sp(2) hybridized nano-containers that have attracted considerable interest in drug delivery by offering potential advantages such as biocompatibility, non-immunogenicity, high loading efficiency, intrinsic stability and low toxicities. The aim of the present investigation was to assess the potential of gemcitabine-loaded folic acid (FA) conjugated multi-walled CNTs (GEM/FA-NT) for targeting to breast cancer cells. Pristine MWCNTs was… CONTINUE READING
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