GemC1 controls multiciliogenesis in the airway epithelium.

  title={GemC1 controls multiciliogenesis in the airway epithelium.},
  author={Marina Arbi and Dafni-Eleftheria Pefani and Christina Kyrousi and Maria-Eleni Lalioti and Argyro Kalogeropoulou and Anastasios D. Papanastasiou and Stavros L. Taraviras and Zoi Lygerou},
  journal={EMBO reports},
  volume={17 3},
Multiciliated cells are terminally differentiated, post-mitotic cells that form hundreds of motile cilia on their apical surface. Defects in multiciliated cells lead to disease, including mucociliary clearance disorders that result from ciliated cell disfunction in airways. The pathway controlling multiciliogenesis, however, remains poorly characterized. We showed that GemC1, previously implicated in cell cycle control, is a central regulator of ciliogenesis. GemC1 is specifically expressed in… CONTINUE READING

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