Gelation and internal dynamics of colloidal rod aggregates.

  title={Gelation and internal dynamics of colloidal rod aggregates.},
  author={A Mohraz and Michael J. Solomon},
  journal={Journal of colloid and interface science},
  volume={300 1},
The internal dynamics of fractal cluster gels of colloidal boehmite rods with aspect ratios r = 3.9, 8.6, and 30.1, and colloidal polystyrene spheres (r = 1) are reported. Increasing r decreases the minimum colloid volume fraction for gelation. The behavior of the dynamic structure factor of rod gels is consistent with the internal dynamics of a constrained Brownian fractal object. Colloidal boehmite gels display an abrupt transition from floppy to brittle dynamics at phi approximately 10(-4… CONTINUE READING