Gel electrophoresis of DNA fragments in narrow-bore capillaries.

  title={Gel electrophoresis of DNA fragments in narrow-bore capillaries.},
  author={Peter Lindberg and M{\aa}rten Stjernstr{\"o}m and Johan Roeraade},
  volume={18 11},
In this work, we studied the behavior of electrophoretic columns, having an inner diameter (ID) of 2-10 microm, filled with a cross-linked polyacrylamide gel matrix. The usefulness of these columns for DNA sequencing is discussed. Evaluation of column performance included tests of gel stability and migration time reproducibility. Confocal laser-induced fluorescence (LIF)-detection was employed utilizing a 488 nm argon ion laser for separations of C- and T-terminated DNA Sanger fragments… CONTINUE READING
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