Gears from the Greeks: The Antikythera Mechanism-A Calendar Computer from Ca. 80 B. C.

  title={Gears from the Greeks: The Antikythera Mechanism-A Calendar Computer from Ca. 80 B. C.},
  author={J. Oleson and Derek Price},
Engineering Power: The Roman Triumph as Material Expression of Conquest, 211-55 BCE
Engineering Power: The Roman Triumph as Material Expression of Conquest, 211-55 BCE
Thales of Miletus, Archimedes and the Solar Eclipses on the Antikythera Mechanism
Thales of Miletus (640?-546 BC) is famous for his prediction of the total solar eclipse in 585 BC. In this paper, the author demonstrate how Thales may have used the same principle for prediction ofExpand
Software tools for analysis and visualization of the antikythera mechanism
In this paper, powerful and non-commercial software packages are presented, suitable for the study of the Antikythera Mechanism, and generally, for similar artifacts of Cultural Heritage. Expand
The Antikythera Mechanism: From the bottom of the sea to the scrutiny of modern technology
The Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient greek analogue astronomical computer. Using a handle, probably similar to a doorknob, the user could insert an input date on a dial in its front side. TheExpand
On the gear mechanics before the cycloid and involute profiling
After the extraordinary development of the machinery in the Hellenistic antiquity, the gear technique was transmitted to the Middle Ag s through the Byzantine and Islamic culture and then to theExpand
Revising the eclipse prediction scheme in the Antikythera mechanism
  • T. Freeth
  • Computer Science
  • Palgrave Communications
  • 2019
The deeply puzzling grouping and ordering of these Index Letter Groups was solved with a simple mathematical model, which both explained these groups and the distribution of the glyphs round the Saros Dial—revealing an eclipse prediction scheme of extraordinary sophistication and ambition. Expand
Self-Improving Robotic Brushstroke Replication
A method to analyse given brushstrokes and extract their trajectory and width using a brush behaviour model and photographs of strokes painted by humans is presented, which is precise within a few millimetres for strokes up to 100 millimetre length. Expand
Virtual Museum for the Antikythera Mechanism: Designing an Immersive Cultural Exhibition
A pioneering technique has been applied, which generates accurate 3D models for the fragments of the Antikythera Mechanism, and the embodiment of these assets into an interactive and fully immersive virtual environment of a game engine is the subject of this presentation. Expand
Comportement dynamique de train planétaire / épicycloïdal avec erreurs d’assemblage, écarts de forme et structures déformables : Optimisation des corrections de dentures
Ces travaux de these sont le fruit de la collaboration entre la societe Hispano-Suiza et le LaMCoS de l’INSA de Lyon. Dans le cadre du developpement de nouveaux systemes de propulsion, l’implantationExpand
Programming Chemical Kinetics: Engineering Dynamic Reaction Networks with DNA Strand Displacement
Over the last century, the silicon revolution has enabled us to build faster, smaller and more sophisticated computers. Today, these computers control phones, cars, satellites, assembly lines, andExpand