Gd-DTPA-enhanced MR imaging in mediastinal Hodgkin's disease.


Gd-DTPA-enhanced MR imaging of 15 patients with primary mediastinal Hodgkin's disease was done before, during and after treatment. A total of 43 MR examinations were performed. After successful treatment, 13 patients had residual masses with reduced signal intensity (SI) ratio in the T2-weighted images. The majority of these also had decreased contrast enhancement as compared with the corresponding primary tumour. There was a significant positive correlation between the contrast enhancement and the SI ratios in the T2-weighted images of the primary tumours and/or the residual masses. Necrosis was seen in 3 of the primary tumours and one patient had a cystic residual mass. These necrotic/cystic lesions were easier to detect with the use of Gd-DTPA. Low SI ratio in the T2-weighted image and low contrast enhancement of the residual mass seem to indicate residual inactivity. Gd-DTPA facilitates the differentiation between cystic/necrotic and solid lesions.


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