Gay and Bisexual Identity Development Among Female-to-Male Transsexuals in North America: Emergence of a Transgender Sexuality

  title={Gay and Bisexual Identity Development Among Female-to-Male Transsexuals in North America: Emergence of a Transgender Sexuality},
  author={Walter O. Bockting and A. Ben-Ner and Eli Coleman},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
We studied a North American sample of female-to-male (FtM) transsexuals sexually attracted to men, aiming to understand their identity and sexuality in the context of a culture of transgender empowerment. Sex-reassigned FtM transsexuals, 18 years or older and attracted to men, were recruited via an FtM community conference and listserv. Participants (N = 25) responded to open-ended questions about identity development, sexual behavior, and social support. Data were analyzed by content analysis… 

Exploring the Diversity of Gender and Sexual Orientation Identities in an Online Sample of Transgender Individuals

Birth sex and age were significant predictors of “bottom” surgery and hormone status/desire, along with several identities and orientations, in those who identify with a gender identity other than, or in addition to, that associated with their birth sex.

Coming Out for a Third Time: Transmen, Sexual Orientation, and Identity

Findings from a qualitative study that employed interviews with 17 FTM bring additional options to the belief that there are two distinct types of transgender: a homosexual subtype and a nonhomosexual subtype.

Measures of Clinical Health among Female-to-Male Transgender Persons as a Function of Sexual Orientation

Results from the present study did not support a sexual orientation classification system in FTMs with regard to psychological well-being.

Sexuality and gender affirmation in transgender men who have sex with cisgender men

ABSTRACT Background: Transgender men who have sex with men (trans MSM) are underrepresented in the behavioral and social sciences literature, especially in research concerning sexual health. The

The Impact of Stigma on Transgender Identity Development and Mental Health

The existence of transgender and gender-nonconforming people has been documented throughout history and across cultures. In the twentieth century, transgender expression became medicalized and sex

A Qualitative Examination of Consideration and Practice of Consensual Nonmonogamy Among Sexual and Gender Minority Couples

Transgender (trans) individuals and their partners demonstrate significant diversity in terms of sexuality and approaches to romantic relationships. Over 3/4 (77%) of trans individuals identify as

Syndemics and gender affirmation: HIV sexual risk in female-to-male trans masculine adults reporting sexual contact with cisgender males

It is suggested that syndemic pathways to sexual risk are similar for TMSM who have socially gender affirmed as for cisgender MSM, and integration of syndemics and gender affirmation frameworks is recommended in interventions to address T MSM sexual risk.

Correlates of Satisfaction With Life for People Who Identify as Transgender and Sexual Minority

Researchers have focused on understanding factors such as resiliency, medical concerns, and coping skills in the lives of transgender and gender-nonconforming people. However, little research has

“The labels don't work very well”: Transgender individuals' conceptualizations of sexual orientation and sexual identity

ABSTRACT The conceptualization and measurement of sexual orientation for transgender individuals is uniquely complicated by the way sexual orientation is rooted in dichotomous notions of sex and

An Exploration of the Relations Between Self-Reported Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in an Online Sample of Cisgender Individuals

The results undermine the tight link assumed to exist between sexual and gender identities, and instead posit them as weakly correlated constructs.



Homosexual and bisexual identity in sex-reassigned female-to-male transsexuals

The findings challenge the issue of using sexual orientation in classification systems of gender dysphoria syndromes and as a risk factor in the decision regarding sex reassignment and invites us to rethink the genital criterion in the assessment of sexual orientation.

Sexual Orientation of Female-to-Male Transsexuals: A Comparison of Homosexual and Nonhomosexual Types

The findings indicate that FTMs are not a homogeneous group and vary in ways that may be useful in understanding the relation between sexual orientation and gender identity.

Sexual orientation identities, attractions, and practices of female‐to‐male transsexuals

Some processes used by female‐to‐male transsexuals in the formation of their sexual orientation identities were investigated under the assumption that for female‐to‐male transsexuals it is not

Make Me Feel Mighty Real: Gay Female-to-Male Transgenderists Negotiating Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

Gay female-to-male transgenderists (gay FTMs) are women who become men, and who then form erotic relationships with other men. Analysis of interviews with five gay FTMs depicts how they rely upon and

Changes in the Sexual Orientation of Six Heterosexual Male-to-Female Transsexuals

Six heterosexual male-to-female transsexual respondents reported that their sexual orientation had changed since transitioning from male to female, and it did not appear that the respondents' post-transitional sexual attractions towards males were similar to autogynephilic images and fantasies described by Blanchard (1991).

Heterosexual and homosexual gender dysphoria

Why more males than females complain of dissatisfaction with their anatomical sex (gender dysphoria) is investigated, and it is suggested that males are differentially susceptible to one of the predisposing conditions, namely, fetishistic transvestism.

"Heterosexual" Prior to Sex Reassignment - "Homosexual" Afterwards:

A case report of a 36-year old female-to-male transsexual who was attracted to males prior to and following sex reassignment is described. For many years, even before hormonal and sex reassignment,

Sexual orientation: a multi-variable dynamic process.

Analysis of the data from subjects who filled out the KSOG in Forum Magazine indicated that the instrument was a reliable and valid research tool which took into consideration the multi-variable and dynamic aspects of sexual orientation.

Assessment of sexual orientation.

  • E. Coleman
  • Psychology, Sociology
    Journal of homosexuality
  • 1987
A model for assessment of sexual orientation is proposed which includes nine dimensions which includes the individual's past and present perception of their sexual identity compared to their idealized future.