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Gaussian Gabor frames, Seshadri constants and generalized Buser--Sarnak invariants

  title={Gaussian Gabor frames, Seshadri constants and generalized Buser--Sarnak invariants},
  author={Franz Luef and Xu Wang},
We investigate the frame set of regular multivariate Gaussian Gabor frames using methods from Kähler geometry such as Hörmander’s ∂-method, the Ohsawa–Takegoshi extension theorem and a Kähler-variant of the symplectic embedding theorem of McDuff-Polterovich for ellipsoids. Our approach is based on the well-known link between sets of interpolation for the Bargmann-Fock space and the frame set of multivariate Gaussian Gabor frames. We state sufficient conditions in terms of the Seshadri constant… Expand
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