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Gauruncus Razowski, 1988 and GalomecalpaRazowski, 1990 from Ecuador(Lepidoptera: Tortricidae, Euliini)

  title={Gauruncus Razowski, 1988 and GalomecalpaRazowski, 1990 from Ecuador(Lepidoptera: Tortricidae, Euliini)},
  author={J{\'o}zef Razowski and Volker Pelz},
  journal={Shilap-revista De Lepidopterologia},
Resumen en: The Euliini genera Gauruncus and Galomecalpa are revised, list of known species is given and the Ecuadoran species are discussed. Eight new species (Gau... 
Diagnoses and remarks on the genera of Tortricidae (Lepidoptera). Part 4. Cnephasiini, Ceracini, Atteriini, Sparganothini and Euliini
Diagnoses, redescriptions, and remarks are presented on the genera that comprised the five tortricid tribes Cnephasiini, Ceracini, Atteriini%, Sparganothini, and Euliini (173 genera).
Reassessment of the systematic position of Orthocomotis DOGNIN (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) based on molecular data with description of new species of Euliini.
A comparison of homologous 606 bp fragments of the COI mitochondrial gene revealed that Orthocomotis should be transfered back into the tribe Euliini, a monophyletic cluster of genera separated from tribe Polyorthini in which they were temporarily included.
Accessions to the fauna of Neotropical Tortricidae (Lepidoptera)
The Oriental-Australian genus Pseudancylis HORAK is for the first time recorded from the Neotropical region and is described as new.
TORTS Newsletter of the Troop of Reputed Tortricid Systematists REPLACE CRYPTOPHELBIA WITH PSEUDOGALLERIA ?
The readers of TORTS are queried for their opinions regarding the possible alternative solutions: synonymize the two genera under the senior synonym Pseudogalleria, or petition the ICZN to suppress Pseudogsalleria for the purpose of maintaining stability, and continuing the use of Cryptophlebia.