Gaugino condensation and small uplifts in KKLT

  title={Gaugino condensation and small uplifts in KKLT},
  author={Federico Carta and Jakob Moritz and Alexander Westphal},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
In the first part of this note we argue that ten dimensional consistency requirements in the form of a certain tadpole cancellation condition can be satisfied by KKLT type vacua of type IIB string theory. We explain that a new term of non-local nature is generated dynamically once supersymmetry is broken and ensures cancellation of the tadpole. It can be interpreted as the stress caused by the restoring force that the stabilization mechanism exerts on the volume modulus. In the second part, we… 

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We analyze to which extent the KKLT proposal for the construction of de Sitter vacua in string theory is quantitatively controlled. Our focus is on the quality of the 10d supergravity approximation.

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A bstractThe KKLT scenario in a warped throat, if consistent, provides a concrete counterexample to both the AdS scale separation and the dS swampland conjectures. First, we define and analyze the

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A bstractSome of the most well-celebrated constructions of metastable de Sitter vacua from string theory, such as the KKLT proposal, involve the interplay of gaugino condensation on a D7-brane stack

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