Gauge symmetry of the 3BF theory for a generic semistrict Lie three-group

  title={Gauge symmetry of the 3BF theory for a generic semistrict Lie three-group},
  author={Tijana Radenkovi{\'c} and Marko Vojinovi{\'c}},
  journal={Classical and Quantum Gravity},
The higher category theory can be employed to generalize the BF action to the so-called 3BF action, by passing from the notion of a gauge group to the notion of a gauge three-group. In this work we determine the full gauge symmetry of the 3BF action. To that end, the complete Hamiltonian analysis of the 3BF action for an arbitrary semistrict Lie three-group is performed, by using the Dirac procedure. The Hamiltonian analysis is the first step towards a canonical quantization of a 3BF theory… 
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