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Gauge invariant approach to nonmetricity theories and the second clock effect

  title={Gauge invariant approach to nonmetricity theories and the second clock effect},
  author={Israel Quir{\'o}s},
  • I. Quirós
  • Published 9 January 2022
  • Physics, Mathematics
In this paper we discuss on recent attempts aimed at demonstrating that, contrary to well-known results, the second clock effect (SCE) does not take place in generalized Weyl spaces – spaces with arbitrary nonmetricity – denoted here as W 4 spaces. These attempts include Weyl gauge theories of gravity, as well as the symmetric teleparallel theories (STTs). Our approach to this issue is based on the adoption of Weyl gauge symmetry (WGS) which is a manifest symmetry of the basic laws of Weyl… 
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