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Gauge and Scalar Fields on $CP^2$: A Gauge-invariant Analysis I

  title={Gauge and Scalar Fields on \$CP^2\$: A Gauge-invariant Analysis I},
  author={Dimitra Karabali and A. Maj and V. P. Nair},
A parametrization of gauge fields on complex projective spaces of arbitrary dimension is given as a generalization of the two-dimensional case. Gauge transformations act homogeneously on the fields, facilitating a manifestly gauge-invariant analysis. Specializing to four dimensions, we consider the nature of the effective action due to scalars interacting with the gauge fields. The key qualitatively significant terms include a possible gauge-invariant mass term and a finite four-dimensional… 


What's up with IR gluon and ghost propagators in Landau gauge? A puzzling answer from huge lattices
Several analytic approaches predict for SU(N_c) Yang-Mills theories in Landau gauge an enhanced ghost propagator G(p^2) and a suppressed gluon propagator D(p^2) at small momenta. This prediction
The lattice infrared Landau gauge gluon propagator: the infinite volume limit
We report on the infrared behaviour of the lattice gluon propagator. The bounds on D(0) and their behaviour with the lattice volume are investigated, together with the full propagator. Moreover, a
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The literature on this is enormous, but a good status report with references to earlier work is
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