Gauge Theory Correlators from Non-Critical String Theory

  title={Gauge Theory Correlators from Non-Critical String Theory},
  author={S. Gubser and I. Klebanov and A. M. Polyakov},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
  • S. Gubser, I. Klebanov, A. M. Polyakov
  • Published 1998
  • Physics
  • Physics Letters B
  • Abstract We suggest a means of obtaining certain Green's functions in 3+1-dimensional N =4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with a large number of colors via non-critical string theory. The non-critical string theory is related to critical string theory in anti-deSitter background. We introduce a boundary of the anti-deSitter space analogous to a cut-off on the Liouville coordinate of the two-dimensional string theory. Correlation functions of operators in the gauge theory are related to the… CONTINUE READING
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