Gauge-Theoretic Origin of Rydberg Quantum Spin Liquids.

  title={Gauge-Theoretic Origin of Rydberg Quantum Spin Liquids.},
  author={Poetri Sonya Tarabunga and Federica Maria Surace and Renata Andreoni and Adriano Angelone and Marcello Dalmonte},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={129 19},
Recent atomic physics experiments and numerical works have reported complementary signatures of the emergence of a topological quantum spin liquid in models with blockade interactions. However, the specific mechanism stabilizing such a phase remains unclear. Here, we introduce an exact relation between an Ising-Higgs lattice gauge theory on the kagome lattice and blockaded models on Ruby lattices. This relation elucidates the origin of previously observed topological spin liquids by directly… 

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