Gauge-Invariant Ideals in the C*-Algebras of Finitely Aligned Higher-Rank Graphs

  title={Gauge-Invariant Ideals in the C*-Algebras of Finitely Aligned Higher-Rank Graphs},
  author={Aidan Sims},
  journal={Canadian Journal of Mathematics},
  pages={1268 - 1290}
  • A. Sims
  • Published 27 May 2003
  • Mathematics
  • Canadian Journal of Mathematics
Abstract We produce a complete description of the lattice of gauge-invariant ideals in ${{C}^{*}}(\Lambda )$ for a finitely aligned $k$ -graph $\Lambda $ . We provide a condition on $\Lambda $ under which every ideal is gauge-invariant. We give conditions on $\Lambda $ under which ${{C}^{*}}(\Lambda )$ satisfies the hypotheses of the Kirchberg–Phillips classification theorem. 

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  • B. Burgstaller
  • Mathematics
    Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society
  • 2008
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NSKI Abstract. We prove versions of the fundamental theorems about Cuntz-Krieger algebras for the C -algebras of row-finite graphs: directed graphs in which each vertex emits at most finitely many