Gaudin models and multipoint cnformal blocks: general theory

  title={Gaudin models and multipoint cnformal blocks: general theory},
  author={Ilija Buri{\'c} and Sylvain Lacroix and Jeremy A. Mann and Lorenzo Quintavalle and Volker Schomerus},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract The construction of conformal blocks for the analysis of multipoint correlation functions with N > 4 local field insertions is an important open problem in higher dimensional conformal field theory. This is the first in a series of papers in which we address this challenge, following and extending our short announcement in [1]. According to Dolan and Osborn, conformal blocks can be determined from the set of differential eigenvalue equations that they satisfy. We construct a complete… Expand


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  • JHEP
  • 2020
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