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Gaudin Models and Multipoint Conformal Blocks II: Comb channel vertices in 3D and 4D

  title={Gaudin Models and Multipoint Conformal Blocks II: Comb channel vertices in 3D and 4D},
  author={Ilija Buri{\'c} and Sylvain Lacroix and Jeremy A. Mann and Lorenzo Quintavalle and Volker Schomerus},
It was recently shown that multi-point conformal blocks in higher dimensional conformal field theory can be considered as joint eigenfunctions for a system of commuting differential operators. The latter arise as Hamiltonians of a Gaudin integrable system. In this work we address the reduced fourth order differential operators that measure the choice of 3-point tensor structures for all vertices of 3and 4-dimensional comb channel conformal blocks. These vertices come associated with a single… Expand

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