Gaucher disease: assessment with MR imaging.

  title={Gaucher disease: assessment with MR imaging.},
  author={Amos Lanir and Herzeliah Hadar and Ilan Cohen and Yuval Tal and J. Benmair and Roberto Schreiber and Melvin Eugene Clouse},
  volume={161 1},
The skeletal system, spleen, and liver of five patients with proved Gaucher disease were studied with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. Homogeneous, low intensity signals resulting from relaxation times different than normal (longer T1 and shorter T2 values) were found in the marrow of long bones, vertebrae, and hips in all patients. In three patients, normal signals were noted in the patella, epiphysis of the knee, and capital femoral epiphysis. In two patients with acute bone pain in the… CONTINUE READING