Gauß and Beyond: The Making of Easter Algorithms

  title={Gau{\ss} and Beyond: The Making of Easter Algorithms},
  author={Reinhold Bien},
  journal={Archive for History of Exact Sciences},
  • R. Bien
  • Published 12 March 2004
  • Physics
  • Archive for History of Exact Sciences
It is amazing to see how many webpages are devoted to the art of finding the date of Easter Sunday. Just for illustration, the reader may search for terms such as Gregorian calendar, date of Easter, or Easter algorithm. Sophisticated essays as well as less enlightening contributions are presented, and many a doubt is expressed about the reliability of some results obtained with some Easter algorithms. In short, there is still a great interest in those problems. Gregorian Easter algorithms exist… 

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[1] Bien, R. (2004). Gauss and beyond: The making of Easter algorithms, Arch. Hist. Exact Sci. 58: 439–452. [2] Bond, J. J. (1875). Handy-book of rules and tables for verifying dates with the

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