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Gathering Biological Warfare Storm -- Chapter 9: Next Generation Bioweapons: Genetic Engineering and BW

  title={Gathering Biological Warfare Storm -- Chapter 9: Next Generation Bioweapons: Genetic Engineering and BW},
  author={M. Ainscough},
Bioweapons-Future of Warfare Nida
Biological weapons are destine to propagate disease among living organisms via the inauguration of microorganisms including viruses and bacteria. The means of preparation, durability and route ofExpand
Man versus Microbe - Pre-Apocalyptic Phase Failed?
We are in the era of emerging pristine microbes and antibiotics with changing trends of urbanization and industrialization that could be both boons, as well as bane. The best exemplifi cation ofExpand
Analysis of Introduced Species as a form of Biological Weapon: part 2- Strategies for Discernment of an Attack and Countermeasures
One key issue with biological weapons (BW) using Non-Indigenous Species (NIS) (aka invasive species) is to differentiate a deliberate attack from a natural outbreak or accidental introduction viaExpand
Biotechnology and Biological Weapons: Challenges to the U.S. Regional Stability Strategy
Throughout military history, some changes in technology have provided new weapons and capabilities to military commanders. Some of those changes were so significant, as in the case of nuclearExpand
Biological Weapons, Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence: The Biotechnology Revolution
The strategic use of biological weapons has presented some difficulties. Biological weapons use has been always uncertain, invisible, and delayed due to factors such as the incubation period. WithExpand


The New Terror: Facing the Threat of Biological and Chemical Weapons
What do you do to start reading the new terror facing the threat of biological and chemical weapons? Searching the book that you love to read first or find an interesting book that will make you wantExpand
A Terrorist‘s Fragile Footprint,
  • 2001
A breakthrough on cloning? Perhaps, or perhaps not yet.
Behind in the Biowar,
  • Government Executive,
  • 2001
Behind in the Biowar,
  • Government Executive,
  • 2001
Behind in the Biowar,‖ Government Executive
  • 2001
Company Says It Produced Embryo Clones,
  • New York Times,
  • 2001
Disaster in the making.
  • R. Nowak
  • Physics, Medicine
  • New scientist
  • 2001
At five-thirty on the afternoon of August 29, 1907, a steelworker named Ingwall Hall was perched high on the partially constructed south cantilever arm of the Quebec Bridge, a few miles from QuebecExpand
Expression of Mouse Interleukin-4 by a Recombinant Ectromelia Virus Suppresses Cytolytic Lymphocyte Responses and Overcomes Genetic Resistance to Mousepox
It is suggested that virus-encoded IL-4 not only suppresses primary antiviral cell-mediated immune responses but also can inhibit the expression of immune memory responses, similar to the disease seen when genetically sensitive mice are infected with the virulent Moscow strain. Expand
Genome Offers ̳Fingerprint‘ for Anthrax: Analysis of Bacterium
  • Could Help Investigators,‖ New York Times,
  • 2001