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Gated Neural Networks for Option Pricing: Rationality by Design

  title={Gated Neural Networks for Option Pricing: Rationality by Design},
  author={Yongxin Yang and Yu Zheng and Timothy M. Hospedales},
We propose a neural network approach to price EU call options that significantly outperforms some existing pricing models and comes with guarantees that its predictions are economically reasonable. To achieve this, we introduce a class of gated neural networks that automatically learn to divide-and-conquer the problem space for robust and accurate pricing. We then derive instantiations of these networks that are 'rational by design' in terms of naturally encoding a valid call option surface… Expand
Deep Smoothing of the Implied Volatility Surface
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Formulation Of A Rational Option Pricing Model using Artificial Neural Networks
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Pricing options with exponential Lévy neural network
  • Jeonggyu Huh
  • Computer Science, Economics
  • Expert Syst. Appl.
  • 2019
The ELNN is the first applicable non-parametric exponential Levy model by virtue of outstanding researches on optimization in the field of ANN, which can improve ANN-based models to avoid several essential issues such as unacceptable outcomes and inconsistent pricing of over-the-counter products. Expand


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Abstract The validity of the classic Black-Scholes option pricing formula depends on the capability of investors to follow a dynamic portfolio strategy in the stock that replicates the payoffExpand
A Jump-Diffusion Model for Option Pricing
  • S. Kou
  • Economics, Computer Science
  • Manag. Sci.
  • 2002
A double exponential jump-diffusion model is proposed, for the purpose of option pricing, which is simple enough to produce analytical solutions for a variety of option-pricing problems, including call and put options, interest rate derivatives, and path-dependent options. Expand
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