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Gate-tunable heavy fermion quantum criticality in a moir\'e Kondo lattice

  title={Gate-tunable heavy fermion quantum criticality in a moir\'e Kondo lattice},
  author={Ajesh Kumar and Nai Chao Hu and Allan H. MacDonald and Andrew C. Potter},
We propose a realization of Kondo-lattice physics in moiré superlattices at the interface between a WX2 homobilayer and MoX2 monolayer (where X=S,Se). Under appropriate gating conditions, the interface-WX2-layer forms a triangular lattice of local moments that couple to itinerant electrons in the other WX2-layer via a gate-tunable Kondo exchange interaction. Using a parton mean-field approach we identify a range of twist-angles which support a gate-tuned quantum phase transition between a heavy… 

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